Commercial Activity


It is integrated by investigation analysts, commercial developers and raw material and financial instrument developers (futures, swaps, options)

General Description

  • Research Interest: project the future supply and demand of each raw material to identify imbalances, logistical obstacles, regulatory limitations on the market price. Traders conduct and influence in the investigation process.
  • Physical and Financial: trader rents storage and transportation for the physical merchandising business. The profitable physical units provide timely information and liquidity for the financial business.
  • Main Interest: Counterpart relationships with third parties, not relationships based on service only.
  • Risk Management: Loss expected value, value at risk and available credit limits for each trading desk to manage risk limit.
  • Natural Gas: Leader in the natural gas market in North America with more than 300 contracts with producers and 275 clients. Leases storage capacity and pipelines through long-term contracts.
  • Natural Gas Liquids: Leases approximately 6 million barrels of leasing capacity. One of the largest independent natural gas liguid trader in North America. This market is the intersection of various energy and petrochemical markets.
  • Refined Products: Presently leases more than 6 million of barrels. Some of the strategies are: storage operations, gas mixture, arbitration of several mixture components and finished products. Activities in the US Gulf Coast and in markets inside the continent.
  • Electricity: Negociates termical rates of return in northamerican regional local markets as well as financial rights on transmission lines and congestion fees.
  • Natural Gas and European Electricity: Commercializes financial instruments in european markets and United Kingdom. Capacity and infrastructure to commercialize in physical natural gas and electricity markets from United Kingdom.
  • Crude Oil: Commercializes primarily financial instruments. Specialized in the northamerican market from the center of the continent and presents recent expansion to Canada.
  • Coal: Commercializes physical coal and financial instruments related to international markets, 40 % of the total coal demand of USA with terminals in West Virginia, Big Sandy, Stones Branch and Kentucky.
  • Maritime Transportation: Property operation of ships Singapour based with offices in Stanford. Negotiation with third parties charges associated with own. Longterm JVS with cargo interests with our own fleet.